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Fourth of July in Marquette, MI

Soap Bubbles

Hydrozincite under Shortwave UV Light

Grossularite under Shortwave UV Light

Chambered Nautilus I

"Indian Corn" detail

Kiwi detail

Kiwi half

Chambered Nautilus detail I

Chambered Nautilus detail II

Crocoite crystals


Chrysocholla and Malachite

Amethyst Crystals

Chrysocholla with Azurite

Common Milkweed Seeds

Wavelite botyoidal crystals

Sunlight in Lake Superior

Wavellite crystals

Wulfenite crystals


Iron Pyrite Tetrahedral Crystals

Botryoidal Malachite

Chrysocolla with Malachite crystals

Lichen on Sugar Maple

Window Frost I

Window Frost II

Window Frost III

Window Frost IV

Malachite detail I

Malachite detail II

Fluorite Crystal Cubes

Ammonite Madagascar

Sulfur Oyster Mushrooms I

Sulfur Oyster Mushrooms II

Grape Agate (Chalcedony)

Common Buckeye Butterfly Wing Detail

Charoite with Tinaksite and Aegirine

Mushroom Gill Detail with Slug

Chambered Nautilus II

"Indian Corn" I

"Indian Corn" II

Urania ripheus Moth Wing Detail

Cantelope Seeds

Cantelope Seeds

Cantelope Seeds


Coffee Beans

The Teeth of Cantelope

Eye of the Caterpillar

Eyes of the Caterpillar

The Caterpillar - Tomato Hornworm (Five-spotted Hawkmoth