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Lake Superior Region

Aurora Borealis, Rainbows & Astronomy
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Adler Planetarium Cloud Gate at Millennium Park Skyline Shedd Aquarium

Arcus Asperatus Cirrus Cumulonimbus Cumulus Altocumulus Cirrocumulus Stratocumulus Nimbostratus Stratus Mammatus Wall Cloud Mixes


Bones & Skeletons Tracks

Largemouth Bass Smallmouth Bass Brown Bullhead Carp & Minnows Channel Catfish Darters & Daces Arctic Grayling Common Logperch Yellow Perch Northern Pike Lake Sturgeon White Sucker Green Sunfish Red eared Sunfish Brook Trout

Frogs, Salamanders and Toads
American Toad American Bullfrog Gray Tree Frog Green Frog Mink Frog Northern Leopard Frog Red-backed Salamander Blue-spotted Salamander Red-spotted Newt Spring Peeper Wood Frog

Ascomycetes - Cup Fungi & Morels Gilled Mushrooms Boletes Puffballs, Stalked Puffballs and Bracket Fungi Coral, Earth Tongue & Teeth Fungi Jelly Fungi Lichens Slime Molds - Not Fungi

Insects and Spiders
Thrips Bees, Wasps & Ants Beetles Butterflies Moths Crickets, Grasshoppers, Mantids & Walkingsticks Dragonflies & Damselflies Flies Nerve-winged Insects True Bugs Spiders

Lake Huron
Lower Michigan

Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan - Michigan Lake Michigan - Wisconsin

Lake Superior and Water
Lake Superior - Minnesota Lake Superior - Apostle Islands, Wisconsin Lake Superior - Western Upper Peninsula, Michigan Lake Superior - Marquette Lake Superior - Grand Island National Recreation Area Lake Superior - Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Lake Superior - Eastern Upper Peninsula, Michigan Lake Superior - Soo to Wawa, Ontario Lake Superior - Pukaskwa National Park Lake Superior - Marathon to Thunder Bay, Ontario Water

Common Collared Lizard Leopard Gecko

Virginia Opossum Hoary Bat Little Brown Bat Eastern Cottontail Rabbit Black-tailed Jackrabbit White-tailed Jackrabbit Snowshoe Hare Collared Pika MeadowVole Red Squirrel Eastern Gray Squirrel Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel Eastern Chipmunk Black-tailed Prairie Dog American Beaver North American Porcupine Striped Skunk North American River Otter Raccoon Bobcat Red Fox Coyote Black Bear Harbor Seal Steller Sea Lion Pronghorn Bighorn Sheep Stone's Sheep American Bison White-tailed Deer Woodland Caribou Elk Moose Wild Horses

Minerals - Alphabetical
Acanthite Adamite Adularia Aegirine Agate Agrellite Alabandite Albite Algodonite Allanite Allophane Almandine Amethyst Anatase Analcime Andradite Ankerite Antigorite Apatite-CaF Apophyllite Aragonite Arsendescloizite Arsenopyrite Astrophyllite Atacamite Augite Aurichalcite Axinite Azurite Babingtonite Baricite Barite Bauxite Benitoite Berthierite Beryl Biotite Bismuth Bixbyite Bornite Bournonite Boulangerite Brazilianite Brochantite Bromargyrite Brucite Bustamite Cacoxenite Cahnite Calcite Carrollite Cassiterite Cavansite Celadonite Celestine Cerrusite Chabazite Chalcocite Chalcophanite Chalcopyrite Chamosite Charoite Chondrodite Chrysocolla Chrysotile Chalcedony Clinochlore Clinohedrite Clinozoisite Clintonite Cobaltoan Calcite Colemanite Conchalcite Copper Cornetite Corundrum var. Ruby Covellite Creedite Crocoite Cryolite Cuprite Cyanotrichite Cylindrite Cyrilovite Danburite Datolite Descloizite Diamond Diopside Dioptase Dolomite Dravite Dumortierite Elbaite Eosphorite Epidote Esperite Eudialyte Ferberite Fluorapophyllite Fluor-Buergerite Fluorite Fosterite Franklinite Friedelite Fuchite Gahnite Galena Gilalite Goethite Gold Gormanite Graphite Greenockite Grossular Grossularite Gypsum Gyrolite Halite Hanksite Hardystonite Hauckite Hedenbergite Hematite Hemimorphite Heulandite Hexagonite Hubeite Hubnerite Hyalophane Hydroxyapophyllite-(K) Hydrozincite Inesite Iron Jamesonite Kidwellite Kinoite Kutnohorite Kyanite Labradorite Langite Lazulite Lepidolite Libethenite Linarite Loparite Loughlinite Ludwigite Magnesite Magnesio-Arfvedsonite Magnetite Malachite Manganite Manganoan Calcite Marcasite Marialite Martite Mesolite Microcline var Amazonite Mimetite Mixite Mohawkite Molybdenite Mordenite Mottramite Muscovite Nasonite Natrolite Neptunite Norbergite Obsidian Okenite Okenite Opal Orpiment Parnauite Pascoite Pectolite Pentagonite Pentlandite Peridot Phosphosiderite-Strengite Phillipsite Plancheite Plattnerite Plumbogummite Powellite Prehnite Pseudomalachite Psilomelane Purpurite Pyrargyrite Pyrite Pyrolusite Pyromorphite Pyrope Pyrophyllite Pyroxmangite Pyrrhotite Quartz Ramsdellite Realgar Rhodochrosite Rhodonite Rockbridgeite Rosasite Rosickyite Roselite Rubellite Rutile Safflorite Sarkinite Schorl Schlossmacherite Scholzite Scolecite Scorodite Searlesite Selenite Shattuckite Siderite Siegenite Silver Skutterudite Smithsonite Smoky Quartz Sodalite Spessartine Sphalerite Spinel Spodumene Stibnite Stilbite Strontianite Sugilite Sulfur Sylvanite Talc Tellurium Tennantite Tenorite Tetrahedrite Thompsonite Titanite Titanomagnetite Titanomagnetite Topaz Tremolite Trona Turquoise Ulexite Uvarovite Uvite Vanadinite Variscite Vesuvianite Vivianite Wavellite Wernerite Willemite Wollastonite Wulfenite Xonotlite Zincite Zinkenite Fossils Amber Meteorites Geology - Formations & Rocks.

National Parks
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Arches National Park Badlands National Park Colorado Sand Dunes National Park Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve Everglades National Park Fort Jefferson - Dry Tortugas National Park Glacier National Park Grand Canyon National Park Grand Island National Recreation Area Great Smoky Mountains National Park Jasper National Park Canada Keweenaw National Historical Park Mesa Verde National Park Olympic National Park Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Petrified Forest National Park Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Redwoods National Park Wind River Mountains Bridger-Teton National Forest Area Wrangell-St.Elias National Park Yellowstone National Park

Native American Rock Art
Arizona Lake Superior - Ontario Michigan Minnesota Utah Pukaskwa Pits

Nonflowering Plants
Liverworts Mosses Equisetum Ferns Clubmosses

Pacific Sea Life
Kelp Sea Anemones Sea Stars


Western Hognose Snake Bull Snake Eastern Garter Snake Northern Red-bellied Snake

Sphagnum Bogs
Bogs Pitcher Plants Sundews Bladderworts Bog Orchids Sphagnum Moss Other Bog Plants

Leaves Tree Flowers Seeds & Cones Bark, Branches & Roots Buds North American Species

Western Box Turtle Eastern Painted Turtle Common Snapping Turtle

Upper Peninsula Landscapes
Spring Summer Autumn Winter Waterfalls Calumet, Michigan Ghost Town of Central

Wild Flowers of the Northastern Forest
American Spurred Gentian Round-leaved Orchid - Amerorchis Arethusa Bird's-eye Primrose Bloodroot Bog Buckbean Calypso Canada Bunchberry Common Butterwort Common Chicory Common Hellborine Common Milkweed Dutchman's Breeches Dwarf Lake Iris Early Saxifrage Encrusted Saxifrage Fireweed Fragrant Water Lily Fringed Polygala Garlic Mustard Gentians Grass Pink Orchid - Calypogon Greater Purple Fringed Orchid Greater Yellow Lady's Slipper Indian Pipe Jack-in-the-pulpit Large-flowered Trillium Lobelia Marsh Marigold Nodding Ladies' Tresses Nodding Trillium Northern Blue Flag Northern Green Orchid Orchids Pearly Everlasting Pine Sap Pink Lady's Slipper Pitcher's Thistle Prickly Wild Rose Ram's Head Orchid Red Baneberry Rose Twisted Stalk Round-lobed Hepatica Rose Pogonia Showy Lady's Slipper Showy Orchis Skunk Cabbage Sparrow's Egg Lady's Slipper Spring Beauty Squirrel Corn Sunflowers Swamp Milkweed Tall Meadow Rue Trailing Arbutus Trout Lily Twinflower Virginia Spiderwort Wild Bergamot Wild Columbine Wild Geranium Wood Lily Yellow Loosestrife

Wild Flowers of the Prairie
Compass Plant Eastern Purple Coneflower Gray-headed Coneflower Mexican Hat Obedient Plant - False Dragonhead Partridge Pea Purple Prairie Clover Rattlesnake Master Whorled Milkweed White Wild Indigo

Wild Flowers of the Mountains and High Desert
Plains Yucca Prickly Pear Skyrocket - Scarlet Gilia

Individuals Howling Feeding Social Behavior Pups